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Pty Ltd Companies can limit director liability, ensure shareholder anonymity and provide a good way of structuring your business.

Only R995.00 for a Shelf Pty Ltd Company.

Select a Shelf Pty registered in terms of the new Companies Act, 2008 (South Africa).

One of our Pty Ltd Companies with Reg.No. in ± 1 hour.
Final application result expected in ± 8 days.

These are the available clean shelf companies (with date of registration; subject to change without notice):

“BINGOR TRADING (Pty) Ltd – 15052020”

“BOTHIN INTERTRADE (Pty) Ltd – 28052020”

“BYNOR TRADING (Pty) Ltd – 22052020”

“DAKIR INTERTRADE(Pty) Ltd – 22052020”

“DANDIR TRADING (Pty) Ltd – 28052020”

“DECKLIN TRADING (Pty) Ltd – 28052020”

“DINOR TRADE (Pty) Ltd – 22052020”

“GAMBITT TRADING (Pty) Ltd – 22052020”

“GREYTON INTERTRADE (Pty) Ltd – 27092018”

“JOTENFIC TRADING (Pty) Ltd – 18052020”

“JUBLITT TRADING (Pty) Ltd – 28052020”

“LAMKUR TRADE (Pty) Ltd – 22052020”

“LONGA INTERTRADE (Pty) Ltd – 28052020”

“NIGASA INTERTRADE (Pty) Ltd – 27032019”

“SYBER TRADE (Pty) Ltd – 16052020”

“VIZUAL INTERTRADE (Pty) Ltd – 18052020”