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NewCo  R795

ShelfCo  R995 / R1495

NonProfitCo  R1395

SoleProp  R990 / R890 / R690 / R590

BusinessName  R799

TradeMark  R2950

TaxNo.  R550

VatNo.  R1350 


AnnualReturn  R395 / R795

FinTax  R2790

BeeAffidavit  R395

TaxClearancePIN  R595 


SolePropRenew  R595

BusinessNameRenew  R549 


TradeNameSearch  R195

RegAddressChange  R395

DirectorChanges  R695

Co/CCnameChange  R795

ShareCertIssue  R599 – R1499

ShareTransfer/Cert  R799 – R1699

LogoDesign  R650

DisclosureCert  R195

WebsiteCreation  R1290 


OffshoreNewCo  $299

OffshoreReadyCo  $299

NomOffshoreNewCo  $389

NomOffshoreReadyCo  $389

ManagedBankAccount  $587.50